What if Network Manager Applet fails!!!

One of the greatest features I like in Ubuntu Linux is easy Internet connectivity using the Network Manager Applet. I have been using Ubuntu for the past 3 years and I found the feature really helpful, coz I always use my mobile phone for Internet access.

But recently, I have noticed that it fails with handsets like Nokia X2-01 (I don’t know whether there are any more models with which the applet fails). So now I depend upon Wvdial and it works well.

Wvdial is a Point-to-Point protocol dialer that helps in making modem based connections to the Internet. I also installed GNOME-PPP, a GUI front end to Wvdial.
GNOME-PPP makes it easier to configure the dial-up connections and it supports a panel icon too.

I installed the applications in command prompt using apt-get.
sudo apt-get install gnome-ppp downloaded and installed all the required packages.

I connected my Nokia X2-01 to PC using the data transfer cable, and ran gnome-ppp as administrator.
gksudo gnome-ppp


Setup dialog box

Gnome-PPP Setup dialog box

My phone was detected when I pressed the ‘Detect’ button in the ‘Setup’ dialog box.

Next step was to configure the connection.
I filled ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ text boxes with my contact number, ‘Phone number’ input box with *99# and clicked the ‘Connect’ button.

That really worked well and still I’m using it…


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